Ava Paolucci
My name is Ava Paolucci. I love to write and read. I also love to hang out with my brother, Franco. My two favorite sports are lacrosse and soccer. I am 10 years old and my birthday is February 17th, 2005. I'm in 5th grade. I love animals and my favorite animal is the turtle. I love to be outside. I love the snow.  I love to sew with my grandma. I love to garden with my grandpa. I like roller coasters because they give me a cool rush. I love stuffed animals. My favorite stuffed animal is a turtle named Turtle. My favorite T.V. show is Phineas and Ferb. I love to watch movies with my family. I hope you liked learning about me!

Ava Paolucci, Staff Reporter

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Ava Paolucci