State Testing


NEW YORK STATE– Children are frustrated, sad, and tired of staring at a dull paper. Why are children feeling this way? THE STATE TESTS!

Kids in grades 3-8 have to take these tests. First is the ELA, and that lasts three days. Next is the Math test, which also lasts for three days. Then if you’re in 4th grade, you have a science test. These tests are about to start.

Why do we have the state tests? Why do students spend hours preparing for these tests and spend a couple more hours taking them? We do it because the state wants to know how well we’re doing. They want to know how well our teachers are doing.  When you get that report card that says how you did, it could determine where you are next year.

Courtney Valente stated, “I think the state tests are a great way to know how well teachers are teaching their students, but for the students it’s really hard.”

Lots of kids dread the words “state tests.” Even some teachers don’t like it. What about the graders?  They have to grade hundreds of state tests.

Also, kids get nervous and have anxiety.

Chloe Castro said, “I think for some students it’s a great way to see how the kids respond to their teacher’s teaching.”

These tests can be a blessing or a curse. These tests may be easy, but they may be hard.  What will happen is unknown.

Get ready, because they’re almost here. They might be bad, they might be good, but it’s time for the dreaded state tests.