WORLDWIDE– Easter is finally here!

The Easter bunny is now going to come with his basket filled with glorious, colored eggs! He will come and hide the eggs that you make with your family. There will be green eggs, purple eggs, orange eggs, and  multi-colored eggs. Any colored egg is a good egg! Just remember, you have to find them before they get rotten and make it smell like you’re living with a skunk!

But Easter isn’t just about the bunny; it’s about the day that many Christian people believe God rose from the dead. That brings me to Lent, when some people do not do or eat something for a long time, until Easter day comes. Easter is also about spending time with your family.

I am really excited for Easter. I think it’s going to be really fun.

Augie Brightman says, “I think Easter is really fun, and it’s another reason for me to like bunnies more.” He also said, “I’m probably staying home for Easter and I am going to decorate Easter eggs!”

I am decorating Easter eggs, and I can’t wait to do it! We are having Easter at my house this year.

So, get ready for Easter because it’s coming, along with its big surprises! It is coming with Easter eggs, family reunions, and the Easter bunny, too! So, are you ready? Because Easter will  be here on Sunday, April 5th. We all know that it will be here as fast as a bunny hops through the woods!