Australia Wildfires Update


AUSTRALIA – Australia had a lot of fires and it was very bad. An island off South Australia got wiped out from a tornado on fire, and more than half of the island was destroyed.

A lot of people died in the bush fires. Another sad thing is over 1 billion animals died. A big military ship came to rescue the locals and tourists from the fires in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

C.S. in Australia said, “In Australia some of the roads were blocked off. Some of the traffic lights were not working. It was affecting people’s health and it was giving people sore throats and some trouble breathing. One day the sky was orange, and that was really scary. When the fires stopped, quite a lot of smoke was left over.”

M.W. said, “I felt sad for the people and the animals.”

Many of the animals that were injured have been taken to animal hospitals. Most of the animals that died are koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, potoroos, emus, marsupials and wallabies.

The good thing now is that Australia has been getting a lot of rain. They haven’t gotten that much rain since the 1990s, which means bye bye fires. So hopefully the bush fires won’t come back this year. Thanks to Mother Nature for helping out to stop the Australian bush fires.