Ellis Island


NEW YORK CITY– Ellis Island let thousands of immigrants a day into this country. It is now a museum that the 4th grade got to go and see.

It was a relief for so many immigrants to see the Statue of Liberty.  It told them: Welcome to America. You are free.

Many of the immigrants escaped or went away from their counties to escape poverty, lack of food, war, and slavery, and to gain religious freedom. Just think of that.

4th grade went on a bus and then on a boat, where we saw the Lady Liberty herself. She was so close I felt like I could touch her.

Then we arrived at Ellis Island. It was huge. It was three stories and there was so much to see. We had lunch there and we even went to the gift shop. My favorite exhibit was the Stairs of Separation. Ellis Island was so cool!

I couldn’t wait to see what other people thought about Ellis Island, so I interviewed Rachael Janos.  She said, “I’m a little bit excited for the trip next year.”

Esme Navarro said, “Ellis Island was fun and interesting.  I learned about people that came to America. I agree that it was super cool.”

So do you know anything about Ellis Island that is super cool?  Why don’t you go?  It will be so fun. We learned about history in a fun day.