5th Grade Philadelphia Trip

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5th Grade Philadelphia Trip

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PHILADELPHIA, PA– T-shirt, check! Lunch, check! Camera, check! Buses, check! Movies, check! It’s time to go to Philadelphia!

The whole grade put on their tie-dye t-shirts and got on the 2-hour bus ride. There were 2 buses and tons of movies to watch. The bus finally got to Philadelphia.

There were tour guides waiting for us, ready to show us around Philadelphia. The tour lasted around an hour. The tour guide showed us old towns and streets. We saw print houses and the remains of Benjamin Franklin’s house.

Lily Maguire stated, “My favorite part was when we met the T-Mobile people and we started cheering. Then they started taking a video, but they had to delete it.”

Ms. Buzin exclaimed, “I loved the National Liberty Museum!”

Kenneil Laroche noted, “My favorite parts were going to Hard Rock Cafe and seeing Benjamin Franklin’s grave.”

Later on, 5th graders went to the Glass Museum (National Liberty Museum). We saw the fake Liberty Bell and many glass sculptures representing the Revolutionary War. 5th graders saw a movie about people who got away and rebelled against unfair laws everywhere.

After that, we went to the National Constitution Center. There we learned about presidents’ stories, who signed the Constitution, and what it takes to become president.

On this trip, 5th graders soaked up tons of information and fun!