Jump Rope for Heart


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Many 4th and 5th graders are going to jump rope on the morning of Thursday, February 12!

We do this so that doctors and scientists can do more reaserch for heart deseases. 4th and 5th graders can get sponsors from family and friends. They can get a little money to give for the reaserch.  Families and friends are also allowed to come and cheer students on.

Many kids will atened and many won’t.  Let’s see what Julia Scotto said on the topic. “I’m going and I love it!  I’m going to get sponsors to donate.” I’m going and I’m also going to donate.

There will be many different varietes of  jumping going on. Some include helicopter and regular jump roping. Many 4th and 5th graders might like to practice jump roping before the big day. There will also be many ways to practice jumping, working on the time that you have to jump, or just jumping rope.

There will be prizes for the amount of money that you donate. There is also an option only to donate and not get any of the treats. So, see how much money you can raise, even though it is totally optional to get sponsors.

You should also remember to wear sneakers and comfy clothes to jump in. Get ready to jump and show off your skills with a jump rope!