Spring Allergies


EVERYWHERE WITH CHANGING SEASONS–  It’s May and you know what time it is. It’s allergies time!

In May you need to look out because allergies will sneak up on you.  The thing that causes the allergies to be triggered is sometimes pollen. Pollen is in the middle part of a flower and it can be everywhere. A bunch of kids had to be sent home or stay home because of their pollen allergies. Some kids are sad knowing that some kids like their friend, family member, or even teacher had to be at home because they do not feel good.

IH’s opinion is, “I hate my allergies and I want them to go away so badly.”

VT commented, “I got hit with allergies so bad and they are so annoying.”

LC said, “My eyes were itchy and my back was red and I felt horrible.”

Most kids are really suffering from allergies and I know you get swelled eyes, a sore throat, a stuffy nose, and you get supper itchy. It’s horrible to hear that some people have to suffer so badly.