The Respiratory System


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL 5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS– Recently the 5th graders have been learning about the Respiratory System.

The 5th graders learned about the pathway of air through your body.  They made breathing machines and learned where the oxygen went after it left the lungs.

“My favorite part was when we touched the pig lungs,” N.P. commented.

“I learned from when Dr. Mathews came in that you should never smoke because you will have black, damaged lungs,” M.P. explained.

On October 30th, Dr. Mathews came to Hutchinson School and talked about the Respiratory System.  She is a pulmonologist (a lung doctor). She showed the 5th graders real, healthy and smokers’ pig lungs. Dr. Mathews also showed a few x-rays.

“I was so honored and excited to teach about the respiratory system to so many eager and inquisitive 5th graders!” Dr. Mathews exclaimed.