Author Gordon Korman Came to Town!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–  “Gordon Korman has come and gone!” exclaims Ava Paolucci.  “He left inspiration all over the school. He left it in the classrooms and even left it in the books.  He taught us about his methods in writing. He taught us about how his kids gave him inspiration for his book characters. He first published a book when he was 12 years old, and it came out when he was 13. He is now much older and has a lot of books published.”

Esme Navarro reports, “On Tuesday, May 12th, Gordon Korman came to to give a background about some of the books he’s written. When asked what his most famous book is, he said, ‘I don’t really have a most famous book–really all of my books are famous.'”

Chloe Castro adds, “At Hutchinson Elementary School, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders met Gordon Korman.  We learned lots of information about him. We learned that he has published 86 books! That’s awesome! He also wrote a book series that was turned into a movie called The Jersey.  His newest book is Masterminds.”

Ann Liu was also impressed by Mr. Korman.  She reports, “Masterminds is a book where Serenity is a town with about 100 people living in it, and there are 30 kids. In this town, everything is perfect. There are no lies, no crime, no war; just a perfect little town. Little did 11 of the kids know that they were clones of the most evil adults. To make it worse, their ‘parents’ were actually scientists studying their actions to see if they were evil. The test was to put a clone of an evil person in a perfect town to see if he still would be evil. If the kid clones try to escape an invisible boundary around Serenity, a chip implanted in their brains would make them pass out. There is no escape…..Or is there?”

Jackie Pennetta learned that, “The Jersey is now a series on the Disney Channel.  I really liked that the author Gordon Korman came to our school.”

Klea Gjeloshi comments, “Gordon Korman made a book series called Swindle.  It is now a movie on Nickelodeon.”  Gjeloshi continues, “Sadly Gordon Korman did not come to newspaper club for an interview, but we got some facts from the assembly.”

In her interviews with students, Gjeloshi notes, “Amber Bly says, ‘I think he is very funny.’

Sophia Battaglia says, ‘I think it was really funny and interesting.’

Adriana Karaqi says, ‘I think he was very funny and his books are nice.'”

Rachael Janos contributes that Gordon Korman said, “I didn’t go to where they shot Swindle.  The Titanic series is non-fiction.”

“Some of Gordon Korman’s other books are 39 Clues and The Hypnotists,” says Giana Pizzutiello.

“The author talked about his life, what he did, what inspired him to become an author, and some ways to make characters or get ideas popping out of your brain,” Hiba Bakry shares. “I mean, you can get ideas from real life!”