Author Kate Klise Visits Hutchinson School!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–  Kate Klise came and went. She gave the students of this school a taste of what her job is like as a book writer.  Kate Klise inspired kids in Hutchinson School with great stories and lots of laughs.

Kate Klise said she liked to have reference books, tea, gum and a keyboard with her when she writes. She has written tons of books.  She said that her having to pay her bills inspires her to write.

She made students happy and taught us about her journey of becoming a writer.

-Ava Paolucci

The author Kate Klise came to Hutchinson School to share about her writing. Kate Klise made a lot of books.

Ms. Klise exclaimed, “My books were rejected for 10 years!” It was a very surprising because I think her books are very detailed, true and amazing.

She also explained, “I look up to many, many authors.  Some of the authors I look up to are Ed White, Katherine Patterson, Harper Lee, and many more.”

Ms. Klise informed us, “The first book I published was Regarding the Fountain, which I wrote in 1998.”

I think Ms. Klise is a very fun author. She is also creative.

-Natalia Sujica

When asked who taught her to use the story circle as a tool for writing the plot of the story, Ms. Klise said she {kind of} made it up. In other words, she took an advanced version and made it more simple.

When asked what her inspiration for The Regarding Series was, she stated that she read an article on two men who design fountains.

-Courtney Valente

Similarly, when asked how she came up with the book Regarding the Bathrooms, Ms. Klise’s response was she was renovating her bathroom. When asked why she wrote letters in the Regarding series, her response was that they really did not work as chapter books.

“When I was a kid, I wrote letters,” she shared.  She taught us that the genre for letters is called epistolary.

-Klea Gjeloshi

The author Kate Klise came to newspaper club and we asked her amazing questions.

When asked where she gathers her thoughts and ideas before writing a book, she responded, “I gather my facts in my files that I have. All I do is look at other books and just think to write a different version in my own words.”

-Jewel Dalley

When asked why all of her friends wanted to be movie stars, she replied, “I really don’t know why. It might all be because they wanted to be famous for who knows what answer. I, personally, would DEFINITELY want to be an author. You should know because I have already pursued my dreams and am an author.”

-Renee Ai

“It is so important to be positive when you’re writing,” explained Kate Klise.

When asked if she ever put her nightmares into her stories, she responded, “Yes that story was called The Rabbit.

-Olivia Medrano

When asked if the mouse and the Cheetos book ever got re-written and published, Kate Klise responded, “No! The story was too boring.”

When she was asked how many books she wrote, she responded, “30. I think I’m working on my 31st book now.”

When asked what her favorite part of the writing process is, she claimed, “Finishing. I like it when I finish something and I revise it.”

-Rachael Janos

“Writing is a fun thing to do,” Kate Klise shared, when asked why she wanted to be an author.  “Right now I’m working on a book called Stay.

-Serafina Lavallee

When asked what she does when she messes up a story, Ms. Klise responded, “I put the paper in the trash.”

-Mason Sznip

Kate Klise told us a funny story about a haircut she got as a kid.

When asked why her dad brought her to the barber shop, she replied, “He did not know where my mom went to get her hair cut.”

When asked if she still writes books, she commented, “I do I have some coming out.”

-Lucy Ow

When Ms. Klise was asked about how long she had been using a certain writing structure, she answered, “I have probably written 15 stories in this order. When I looked back at my stories, I saw I had been writing in this structure all along.”

She also noted, “The thing is, when you’re a writer, you have to do stuff by yourself. I usually take a hike.”

-Amelia Desmarais

When asked if she has been written to [by fans] about a typo in one of her books, Ms. Klise responded, “No, at least not that I remember.”

When asked if she ever wanted to be anything other than an author, she thought and then answered, “I thought being a librarian would be a good job.”

I have learned so much during this experience.

-Francesca Ripoll

Thank you, Ms. Klise, for inspiring the students of Hutchinson School!