HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Have you seen the lost and found? It is filled with all sorts of stuff!

We counted how many items are there.  There are about 93 sweatshirts  and jackets, toys, about 6 scarves, 10 hats, 6 headbands, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 cap, a few lunchboxes, and so much other stuff!

We interviewed Mrs. D’Erasmo, and she said, “I think it is shocking because people come in with whatever the come with, and when they leave, they should notice when they do not have that article of clothing!”

The school gave the kids a lot of time to pick up their belongings, and whatever was left went to a better cause {it was donated}. I think it is possible to lose foot wear, because the kids bring it to gym and forget it in the gym.  Kids should be more fond of their clothes and belongings.  Now that some items have been donated, it looks much cleaner and more organized.  I wonder what will the lost and found will STRIKE at next!