The Art Gala


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– The Art Gala is here!

The beautiful art, from the pictures to the sculptures! Mrs. Taveras is working very hard with the Art Club team. The janitors helped, also. If you were looking, you’d have seen tons of art already in the hallway.

I bet you were excited before the art show. Augie Brightman said, “I think it’s pretty interesting because people get to see all the hard work you have done.”  He also said, “Yes,” when I asked him if he was excited.

Just a few more hours until the art show. It’s going to be great! I will know more after the Gala. But for now, I know that I am going to the art show and hopefully can write on the Art Gala board they put up each year. I am part of Art Club, so I will be there.


It was super fun at the Art Gala. The art was beautiful. I  saw some of my art work, as well as some other people’s. I got some great interviews while I was there. There were so many people to interview there that I didn’t know where to start! Of course I could not interview everybody there, but there was a great turnout.

Mrs. Tarazi said, “It is great to see how each grade has a creative, unique project.”

One of the Art Club members is Hiba Bakry.  She said, “I am working as a table manager.”

Mrs. Katz, a parent, said, “I love all the colors, and you can tell that all the kids worked hard.”

A student named Kaitlin said, “The shape monsters are the bomb!”

Mrs. Tavaras said, “I get to see all the hard work that my students have done come to life. Everyone is so proud and it makes me smile.”

Everybody at the art show was very happy and seemed to love the art work. I know that I did. It was great, even if you only stayed for a few minutes.  I’m sure that you agree!