Spring Break!

Spring Break!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Spring break is coming up! It’s time to take a break from school, but this time not in the snow, but in the sun!

With flowers, butterflies, bugs…I mean, we can go to the park! I don’t know the last time we went to the park. Well, if the snow melts, we might be able to go to the park, but if it doesn’t, we still could go in the snow.

This spring break will be a little over a week. That’s just enough time for a lot of fun!

Kaitie Nyborg says, “I’m going to Florida over the break!” She said, “I’m going scuba diving and petting dolphins while I’m there.”

I am going to stay home and celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Spring break is going to be very fun, no matter what you do. There are tons of things you can do, no matter what your personality traits are. You could finish that really long book that you didn’t get to finish, or that TV show you need to catch up on. No matter what you do, have a great spring break!