Author David A. Adler Comes To Hutchinson School!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– “David A. Adler came to our school on November 4, 2014.  All of you probably saw him in the assemblies he directed, but that wasn’t all he did…Newspaper Club asked him lots of questions and got his answers,” reported 5th grader Katie Valente.

“Now not only do we know what he wrote; we know all of his personal thoughts about writing and his books,” she added.

Katie asked Mr. Adler, “What was the hardest genre you’ve ever written?”

Mr. Adler replied, “I once needed to write a book on how computers work.  I looked at all these books and websites, but I didn’t get it at all. So I didn’t write the book. But every book I write is hard.”

Katie was very fascinated by Mr. Adler writing a computer book.  “I thought he was only a children’s book writer, not a science book writer. But by the way he told me this, I could see that that may be the last time he will write a science book,” Katie commented.

4th grader Courtney Valente asked Mr. Adler if it was hard to think of what to write, and whether he had illustrated any of his books. He said, “No, it is not hard.  I drew the pictures to Danny’s Doodles.”

4th grader Julia Scotto inquired about what Mr. Adler does when he gets stuck while writing.  “I reread what I have written, or I just take a break,” David A. Adler responded.  Scotto then asked if Mr. Adler sets goals for himself.  He replied, “I always do.  Every Sunday I make a list of things I want to accomplish.”

“David A. Adler gave us astonishment with his neat tricks for writing and many cool stories,” noted 4th grader Ava Paolucci. “He started writing in 1979. When he writes his amazing variety of stories, he likes to have an iced tea next to him,” she reported after the interview.  “David A Adler was a great inspiration!”

5th grader Hiba Bakry learned that, “David Adler was 24 years old when he started his first book. He feels excited to be an author.”

5th grader Esme Navarro stated, “When David A. Adler came, he explained to us what it was like to be a writer. We asked him questions like how many books he wrote.  Right now it is 244.”

5th grader Binta Lewin shared that, “David Adler wrote the Cam Jansen books.  Did you know that David Adler said, ‘Cam Jansen and the Stolen Diamond   was my favorite book. My favorite series I did was Cam Jansen.  My inspiration for my books are people.'”  Lewin stated, “Lastly, he has 2 Danny Doodles books, and he is a bout to have 3!”

During the interview, 5th grader Augie Brightman reported, “David A. Alder said that he has seen someone take one of his books out at a library.”

3rd grader Rachael Janos mentioned, “David A. Adler wrote a story and sent it to a publisher. The publisher liked the story, and that is how he became an author.  The book that took him the longest was The Babe and I.  Did you know that The Babe and I took him 11 years to write?!”

5th grader Ann Liu asked David A. Adler why he made Cam Jansen have a power to capture a image in her mind. “I had a classmate with a photographic memory,” he said. He explained that anything that is interesting can be a story. When he needed a story, he thought of this classmate. He knew this because when his teacher asked, “Who was the first president?”, his classmate had a perfect image of a page in the social studies textbook. This inspired him to make Cam Jansen have a photographic memory.

3rd grader Jackie Pennetta excitedly reported, “I got to meet David A. Adler in person! I had the opportunity to interview him, as well, and I got ask him a couple of questions. I asked him if he liked writing books and if he liked making books about people. He said, ‘Well, I love writing my books, and all the books I wrote are actually about a person in real life.’ I loved interviewing David A. Adler. It was such an amazing experience!”

David A. Adler loves books…Do you?