Author Stan Friedmann Visits Hutchinson and Teaches About Persistence!



[Ava Paolucci]:

Mr. Friedmann is a great baseball author. He writes great persistence stories and it was a privilege that we got a chance to hear them. His friends thought his idea [to write a book and try to get it published] was crazy. Even after the book they made was published, they still doubted him.

When asked about his friends/co-authors, Friedmann said, “I met Mike in 7th grade and Terry in his 30s.”

He continued, “The diner [where we wrote] was called Ramapo Diner in Rockland County.  I like to sit in the same booth always. My friends also liked to sit in the same order.  I like to have bran muffins, bagels, cream cheese, PB & J sandwiches, and coffee with me when I write.” He was very interesting to learn about.

[Giana Pizzutiello]:

He shared that, “My favorite book that I’ve written is my first one:  The Macmillan Book of Baseball.”

“I write books to share ideas,” said Mr. Friedmann.  “My favorite time of day to write books is early in the morning.”

“My hometown is Dumont, New Jersey,” he told us.

[Rachael Janos]:

When he was asked if he writes all of his books with his friends he answered, “I wrote only two books with my friends, and I’m writing one now by myself.”

He also shared, “I’m not retired.  I’m writing a book now that is not about baseball, and my other two were about baseball. The title is: Altogether Now.

When asked about some of the characters from his books, he said, “Uncle Lou in one of my books was based off of Lou Zaklin. When Henry wanted to publish my book, I felt like hugging and kissing Henry and my friends.”

“I used to write poetry when I was a young kid,” said Mr. Friedmann.

[Jackie Pennetta]:

“My books are non-fiction,” he said. “I like writing my books, and I love writing with my friends.”

When asked if he has traveled the world, he answered, “I have been to other countries.”

He also told us that he has played baseball and many other sports.

I am so happy Mr. Friedmann can to our school because the school learned a lot about him.

[Olivia Medrano]:

When asked how hopeless he felt when the editors rejected his book, Mr. Friedmann replied, “The first time it felt  shocking, and then the 3rd , 4th and 5th times, it just felt frustrating.”

He also shared that ideas come easily to him, and he gets some of his ideas from other people.  He also likes to give books to his family members.

When asked if he reads the books he writes, he answered, “No, because I see the mistakes I want to fix.”

After being asked if he felt that his friends trying to give up made him stronger as a writer, he replied, “I think it made me stronger as a person.”

[Courtney Valente]:

When asked whether he likes to read his own books, Mr. Friedmann answered, “No. I do not like to read my own books. I like history books better.”

[Klea Gjeloshi]:

Mr. Friedmann’s friends doubted him when he said he wanted to make a book, and he felt like he couldn’t do it by himself.


Mr. Friedmann inspired us to be persistent and never give up!

Ava Paolucci commented, “Mr. Freidmann is a kind and happy person. He brought a happy feeling to the  4th and 5th graders of Hutchinson School. Thank you, Mr. Friedmann, for coming!”