Autumn Fun!


PELHAM, NY–I am excited for Autumn! Who doesn’t like jumping in a pile of orange, red and yellow leaves? Who doesn’t like going trick-or-treating on Halloween night? Who doesn’t love the bright colors that fill the trees?

Now it’s time to switch from t-shirts to jackets, and from shorts to long pants. Katie Nyborg says, “My favorite part of autumn is Halloween. My favorite leaf color in autumn is red.”

I am intrigued by the leaves on the trees, and I figured out that the green on the leaves is chlorophyll that needs sun and water to stay green. But when winter comes, the branches need the sun and water to live in the winter. They steal it from the leaves, so the tree branches take light stored in the leaves to survive the winter. But orange, red, and yellow were always producing under the chlorophyll the whole time. Then, the stems freeze and the leaves fall off.

So, as we jump in huge piles of leaves, we don’t even recognize the journey these leaves have already been through! I love autumn’s cool breezes and warm colors, and I am excited that it is here!