Valentines for Vets


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– As February nears, it is time for Valentine’s Day. There are many moms and dads that won’t be able to come home from war for Valentine’s Day. So the Hutchinson School community makes many Valentines to send to veterans to show our appreciation for their service.

Many kids make more than one Valentine. The classes that  helped contribute are going to make a lot of veterans at sea very happy. Many families have a lot of holidays without one of their family members.  The veterans are probably going to be very happy to see that we are thinking of them.

Franco Paolucci said, “My class made Valentines for the veterans at sea.” He only made one valentine. He said he felt very good after making one to send to the veterans.

I’m very glad that I got to help make a veteran happy. I’d love to let them know that we are thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.

Appreciate the people that love or help you in any way!