The Search for First Baby of Pelham in 2016



PELHAM, NY– There used to be a tradition in Pelham where every store on 5th Avenue showered the first baby of the year with gifts. For some reason, all the other stores stopped, but Gravinese Jewelers kept the tradition going.

Gravinese Jewelers opened in 1964 across the street from their current location, in the center of town on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Second Street. They were there for two years before they moved.

Gravinese Jewelers is still looking for the first baby of 2016. When the tradition first started, the first baby was announced in the newspaper.

“What we give depends on if it’s a girl or boy,” said Dominique DiCarlo, who is the 4th generation owner at Gravinese Jewelers. Gravinese usually gives a bracelet if it’s a girl, and a pin or a spoon if it’s a boy. “It’s harder to figure out what to give a boy,” said DiCarlo.

Dominique DiCarlo said, “One year, we gave a baby girl a bracelet with her name carved into it. On her 18th birthday, she came back and made it into a necklace.”

The New Year’s baby may get something he or she will really enjoy one day. But who the first baby is this year still remains to be determined.

Do you know who was the first baby born in Pelham in 2016?