Basketballs Dribbling into Pelham

PELHAM, NY– Pelham Recreation basketball is underway at Pelham schools. Children from 4th and 5th grades are welcome to join. The schools involved are Hutchinson, Colonial, Siwanoy and Prospect Hill.

Katie McCarthy, the coach of the Hutchinson team said, “I love coaching this team. Our goal is to do the best we can.”

This season there will be lots of games between each school. Practices are held at each school twice a week, and games are played at Hutchinson and Prospect Hill. The boys and girls are rearing to play games.

Riley Teller from Siwanoy said, “Rec. basketball doesn’t have too many plays, but it’s fun. I’d like to score at least 10-20 baskets throughout the season. I want to get a couple a game.“

Last year, 2 teams for the girls and boys went to the finals. The girls’ teams that made it to the finals were Colonial Red and Siwanoy. Siwanoy won 26 to 25. The boys’ teams that made it into the finals were Colonial Red and Siwanoy Blue. Colonial won 59 to 58.

Quincy Stern from Hutchinson said he’s excited about playing basketball.   He didn’t play last year. He went to a basketball camp called M.V.P. over the summer.

There are 120 boys and girls playing this year.  The games are scheduled by looking at when the gyms are available and how many teams they need to play.

Diane Bartley from the Recreation Department said, “I think the league is a great way for kids to learn how to play basketball and have fun with their friends.”

Aoife Jeffries from Siwanoy is excited to play.  She said, “It’s my first year playing.”

It’s going to get cold outside and it’s going to be great to have a sport to play indoors.  So, get ready because the games are going to begin!