Fired Up For Fall


Are you fired up for Fall? I know I am. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, big leaf piles, and Halloween are so much fun! It is going to get really cold out. I love to jump in leaves. I also love to  dress up and get candy on Halloween. I’m so excited for Fall!

The weather is going to get colder. Get ready to wear long sleeves, pants, and heavy jackets because the weather is changing. The leaves are going to fall off the trees, but they turn pretty colors first. This happens because the tree trunks need all the chlorophyll they can get, and the green is the chlorophyll. The colors have been under the green the whole time. Once the colorful leaves get dried out because they have no chlorophyll, they fall off, making huge piles of leaves for us to play in. It is amazing how nature works.

Julia Scotto said, “I love Fall! Bring on the cinnamon scented candles!”

I love Fall for all the crisp, beautiful leaves. What do you love about Fall?

I love Fall and luckily it is here. In Fall there is candy corn and it is my favorite candy. All the Fall perks are coming and I’m fired up for fall!