The Pajama Drive


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– As it starts to get cold, many poor children are cold at night. That’s why Student Government is running the pajama drive.

The pajama drive is to help those children.  All that’s needed to help these children are a new pair of pajamas or a new book. You can bring it in to school and put it in the big, blue bin by the office.

Courtney Valente said, “I’m happy with all the work Student Government does to help kids out there who don’t have food or shelter and warm clothes.”

Julia Scotto said, “It’s good so poor people can experience having a warm pair of pajamas to sleep in and have pajama parties in.”

On November 13th, the pajama bus will come and pick up the clothes. Imagine what not having pajamas and being cold at night would feel like. When you donate, think about it what you just did for that child…you made him or her very happy.