4Mo’s Pen Pals in Arizona!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Ms. Morrissey is giving 4Mo pen pals!

She did it in the past with 5th and 3rd graders, and she wants to do it with her 4th grade class this year. The pen pals are from Arizona. Everyone got one pen pal, but the class in Arizona has 23 kids and 4Mo only has 20, so three kids got two pen pals!

4Mo watched a Power Point presentation that showed the animals, plants and some of the houses in Arizona. They have coyotes, ground hogs, humming birds and turtles. They have cacti and flowers that only last one week in the spring. Their houses are made out of clay. They live in the desert and their school is only one floor.

I interviewed Julia Scotto on the case.  She said, “I think it’s super-duper fun to write to someone you do not know!”

4Mo wrote to the kids in Arizona first. I am super excited to get a letter back from my pen pal!