The Skeletal System

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– All the fourth graders are learning about the skeletal system.

The skeletal system is your skeleton. Your skeleton is made up of all different types of bones. For example, you have your cranium, femur, pelvis, tibia, fibula, foot bones, hand bones, patella, jaw, clavicle, radius, ulna, rib cage, scapula, humerus, spine, and more.

Ms. Buzin stated, “I like this unit because it is important to understand how our bodies work.”

Francesca Ripoll responded, “I like to learn about the skeletal system, but I do think it is gross.”

So far, the classes have learned about the bones, joints, muscles, and more. I know Mrs. Morrissey’s class has done a project that shows the skeleton, and the labeling of all the bones. Right now, we are writing an essay.

Amelia DesMarais noted, “The most important part about learning about the skeletal system is that you learn about your body.”

Rachael Janos explained that, “Since we are learning about the skeletal system, we will learn how to take care our bones.”