Germs Are Spreading


Are you sneezing, coughing, have a hurting stomach, or always in need of a tissue? It’s because germs are spreading.

As the seasons change, the germs are making everybody sick. Kids are staying home from school for a whole week. The germs are very happy and we are not.

Germs like swimming pools, airplanes, hotels and especially public bathrooms. The bad thing is these are only a few places germs like to hide. You have to make sure to wash your hands and don’t touch your face with your hands.

Courtney Valente said, “I would wash your hands every now and then, and stay away from people that are sick.” Those are some awesome tips, Courtney!

Lucy Ow said, “I think germs are really bad things. ” Germs are really bad things.  In some cases, people and animals can die.

Germs love the changing seasons–that’s their favorite time to get people sick. December through February is the time they strike.  Germs like the winter because they feel better when it’s cold and dry.

Germs are alive! That’s why they like different types of weather. Some types of  germs are fungi, protozoa and bacteria, and those are only a few.

Well, you should not be freaked out.   Just wash your hands regularly, eat healthy food, and stay away from sick people. If you just follow a few rules, you’ll make it through this season just fine!