5th Graders Learn About the Excretory System!

5th Graders Learn About the Excretory System!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– There are lots of different systems in your body, but there is one you might not think about:  The excretory  system.

I’m sure you’re wondering what that is. Well,  the excretory system is  very important to your body, and only has a few parts. Your body needs to remove wastes, including fluids such as urine.

Now to name the parts of the excretory system:

Kidney: Eventually the blood enters a special place, the organs known as your kidneys. As the blood enters your kidneys, it is cleaned. Your kidneys remove the bad stuff from the blood, sending it to your bladder for storage in the form of urine.

Bladder:  Then your bladder fills up with the urine being brought by your kidneys. Eventually, as it becomes full, you will feel a tingle, telling your brain that you need to remove it from your body. Urine leaves your body through the process of urination.

Winnifred Sidebe, my mom said, “The excretory system is wonderful thing, and I think that it more than just a system — its a part of life.”

Amanda Marie Leenarts said, “I think the excretory system is sort of disgusting, but it’s a part of your body.”

These are some parts, facts, and opinions about the excretory system.