Fourth Grade Test


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Fourth graders took an awesome test on social studies on October 5th!

On the test, you had to name the continents, the oceans, directions on a compass rose, the imaginary lines, what state you live in, and what country you live in. In all, it had 25 questions.

If you are in Kindergarten or first grade, don’t worry 😉! This test was really easy and fun, even if it’s in fourth grade. If you  think, “Oh no! I don’t want to take this test!” you are mistaken. It is actually easy.

Let’s see what some people think about the fourth grade test!

“It was good because I knew most of it. Yeah, it was pretty easy,” MB states.

“Don’t be scared! The test is actually very easy,” TS comments.

You could only get a 1, 2, or a 3 in the test. A 4 on the test would mean that you did the challenge, and there was no challenge. If you got a 1, you got 11 questions or fewer right. If you got a 2, you got 12 to 18 questions right. If you got a 3, you got 19 or more questions right.

If you got a 1, don’t worry! It just means that you forgot to study, were very nervous, or just weren’t thinking straight. That’s what happened to a few people.