HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Hola (hello in Spanish)! There’s a new thing in Hutchinson school! It’s called Spanish. It’s for grades two and three.

Our teacher is Senora (Mrs.) Correli.  Senora Correli is a nice teacher who teaches students how to speak Spanish. She’s teaching colors, days of the week, numbers zero through thirty, shapes, months, and seasons.

Want to know a word in Spanish? Here is one: enero (EN-ar-o). It means January in Spanish.

Fun Fact: Days of the week and months in Spanish are spelled with a lowercase letter at the beginning of the word, not with an uppercase like the U.S.A.!

SG comments, “I like Spanish because we get to learn a different language, not just speak English!”

IH replies, “It’s good. I like Spanish because we get to know Spanish, not just English alone.”

The teacher hands out stickers if you are perfect at leading the class with the Spanish words the class has learned. Next year, she’ll hand out prizes!

Adios (bye in Spanish)!