5th Grade Ballroom Dancing Program


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– All of 5th grade is participating in ballroom dance! There are two teachers, Mr. Delyan and Ms. Boriana, who are top professional dancers. We are learning four dances: the Jive, the Samba, the Cha Cha and the Rumba.

“I think ballroom dance is really fun and I enjoy doing it,” DL comments.

“I love dancing and I want to get better at it as the year goes by,” LO states. “I really want to be on the dance team!”

“Not only are the students learning to dance, but they are learning a lot about themselves and each other. I love it and I dance every time,” Ms. Hertwig said.

We have 10 weeks with Mr. Delyan and Ms. Boriana and then we do tryouts for the dance team and compete.  If you’re chosen, you get to compete with other schools.

“I want to compete,” EC reported.

At first, many people in all classes were nervous and didn’t want to do ballroom dance, but when you try it, it’s great. Give ballroom dance a chance!