The Newest Update on Art Club!


HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– Art Club is starting a new session and we are doing some pretty awesome  work.  The one thing that is most exciting about Art Club so far is the mural that the kids in Art Club are painting on the wall in the hallway of Doctor B.’s office.

L.O. said, “I think it is cool that Art Club gets to paint the mural in doctor B.’s office because we get to see our work.  It is a huge honor.”

Ms. Buzin replied, “I think it will be nice to brighten up Dr.B.’s office with colorful artwork done by students!”

D.L. added, “The mural on the wall in Dr. B.’s office makes the whole room look better and it makes the office shine.”

Dr. B. chose for the mural in the hallway to be garden themed. Flowers will fill the wall and hopefully brighten everyone’s day!