5th Grade Endangered Species Project


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL, MRS. GENTILE’S CLASS– Mrs. Gentile’s fifth grade class is doing the endangered species project. They were given the assignment to make a 3-D poster and write a business letter about an endangered animal of their choice. This project is due February 15th. This is a project that most students look forward to.

For those who don’t know, endangered means in danger of becoming extinct. This is a fun project because you can get creative making this project 3-D. You can also choose what animal you want to do. Some animals are the Giant Panda, Sea Otter, African Elephant, and Red Panda. The business letter is to be written to the Senator. You must include why your animal is endangered and what you can do to help.

N.S. thinks, “It’s cool that you get to learn about endangered animals.”

E.C. says, “It’s good that the teachers are letting the students take notice of the endangered species.”

This is a fun and important project. Kids need to know that animals are endangered. We need to help them.