Dangerous Germs


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Are you washing your hands before eating and when you get home?  You really should because germs are going around.

A lot of people are staying home because of the flu.  People are also staying home because they’re getting other sicknesses.  People should start getting flu protection, too. Then you will hopefully not get the flu. Some people are going to Urgent Care because the flu is really bad this year.

“Germs are gross and if you don’t wash your hands, you can get sick,” CM shared.

“Germs are really bad. People are getting very sick,” MR expressed.

Washing your hands is very important because if you aren’t, you can get sick. So wash your hands!

SA stated, “Germs can make you sick, and when you sneeze and cough, you should cover your mouth.”

Do everything you can to prevent yourself from germs and getting sick!