5S Persuasive Letters

5S Persuasive Letters

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL, CLASS 5S– Writing a persuasive letter is a way of asking someone to do something for you, or something for someone else, in a written form. Class 5S is writing persuasive letters to any pet companies to get donations for the Shelter Drive.

In a persuasive letter, you write an introduction. An introduction is a paragraph in any letter that that opens the writing. Second, you have a body paragraph. A body paragraph is the second paragraph, which holds all the details. In a persuasive letter, you have your reasons for asking in the body paragraph, and also facts and examples to support it. Finally, there is the closing paragraph. The closing paragraph is the last paragraph that ends the letter. See what other 5S students think about the persuasive letters.

EC states, “The Persuasive Letters are very creative, and more fun than doing a fake letter.”

NS says, “I think it’s really fun, and kind of rewarding because when you write a persuasive letter you, might get something back.”

SL voiced, “I think that it is fun to write different companies to ask for donations for animals.”

Everyone is very excited to open a package that has items that are for a good cause for animals. I hope that we get donations sent back!