4th Grade Science Performance Test

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NEW YORK STATE– In 4th grade, we had the science performance test on May 24th! The science test was hands-on. You had to weigh things, make electrical circuits and measure speed.

Ms. Buzin comments, “I like watching students figure out how to perform each experiment and how to answer the test questions. It helps teachers know what they have learned in third and fourth grade.”

Serafina Lavallee says, “It was fun. I especially liked the first one, (the first test) the water one.”

There are three tests.  The first test was using and measuring water. The second test was making an electrical circuit and seeing whether or not something is magnetic, or has metal that makes the light bulb light up (you would know if you’re in 3rd or 4th grade, as 3rd grade learns about this).

The science test was super fun, and you missed the best state test if you didn’t do it!