Fifth Grade Philadelphia Trip


PHILADELPHIA, PA– All Hutchinson fifth graders went on this trip!

We saw many things in  Philadelphia. We went to a museum gift shop and another gift shop. We saw the Liberty Bell. There were two George Washington statues, but we only saw one.

The bus left at 7:00 a.m. and came back at 9:00 p.m. There were a lot of other schools there.  I even saw a bus from Maryland.

Kayla Artis said, “I learned that there are different sites, and I saw the Flame of Liberty.  There was a gap because people were still fighting for freedom.  There were Jewish people that hid in a hole under the floor of someone’s house because people were killing them.”

Sydney Wright shared, “S0, the Philly trip was very fun and we got to sit next to our friends on the bus.  There was a bathroom on the bus, the tour guide was very nice, and the statues we saw looked very real. Philadelphia overall was a very educational and fun trip.”

There was a screen where we could sign the Declaration of Independence. We didn’t see Ben Franklin’s grave because they were doing work on it.

The Philadelphia trip was very fun.  The next year’s fifth graders are really going to love it!