4th Graders are Becoming Map Masters!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Would you like to be able to know the 50 states and where they are on a map? While in 4th grade, you get that chance.

The fourth graders have been working very hard on their 50 states assessments. Every Friday, 4th graders take this assessment to see if they can fill in the entire map. Let’s see how some fourth graders feel about having to know the 50 states.

Delia Lavallee said, “Students should know where the 50 states are.”

Natalia Sujica reported, “I guess I like how they try to help you, and you can get better each time. Becoming a Map Master is really cool.”

Serafina Lavallee shared, “I think it’s good for kids to know the states.”

Once you become a Map Master, you get a sheet that congratulates you for getting the 50 states correct. But after that, it just gets harder because then we have to know the capitals. Practice hard so you can become a Map Master!