Zumba Time!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– In Zumba enrichment, you get to hear a song and follow the teacher’s moves!  There are so many moves that I don’t even remember all of them!

“I think it is a fun way to exercise while dancing,” said Ms. Buzin.  “It is especially fun to have a fitness dance party in the middle of the busy school day!”

“I like energetic dancing and it’s really fun,” said Milan Olondi.

“I think that Zumba is a fun, energetic dance,” commented Kiran Schwaderer.

“Zumba is the best party around!  We feel the rhythm of the music and set ourselves free! The world is our dance floor and anything goes!” said Ms. Veronica.

People enjoy Zumba as an exercise dance, and it is really fun and good for you!