Holiday Boutique


HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOLРThe holiday boutique just passed and there were tons of things to choose.

It was really busy because of all the classes in there. All the people there left with a gift or item for their family members. If you didn’t buy something on the first day, you had two other days to go.

Lucy Ow said, “The holiday boutique was fun because you had a chance to buy little presents for your family.”

Klea Gjeloshi said, “I think the holiday boutique is a very thoughtful thing to hold.”

Milan Otondi said, “I liked that it had good quality items.”

The holiday boutique had a lot of little gifts, like earrings and rings for your mom and grandmother. They had slimy gel that a lot of people gave to siblings, and a lot of other items too.

Hope you got something special!