The Fabulous Mrs. Monteleone

The Fabulous Mrs. Monteleone

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Do you have, or have you ever had Mrs. Monteleone as a 4th grade teacher?

Well, I am so lucky to have her. I would describe my teacher as hilarious, very good looking, and the best teacher. In fact, Mrs. Monteleone transformed her name, which used to be, “The Perfect Ms. Persaud.”

If Mrs. Monteleone says to behave, that means you just got #Monteleoneowned. My teacher is a great and a caring teacher. If you ever had or now have Mrs. Monteleone, you should be glad.

Jackie Pennetta says, “I think Mrs. Monteleone is a very nice teacher.”

Chloe Castro says, “I love seeing Mrs. Monteleone’s classroom.”

Mrs. Monteleone’s class is the biggest room in the school.

I hope you get Mrs. Monteleone when you are in 4th grade!