5th Grade Aztec/Inca/Maya Civilization Project!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–On January 16th, 2020, the 5th grade Aztec/Inca/Maya Civilization project was due!

For the project, students could choose the Aztec, Inca, or Maya to do! Fifth graders had to write or type an essay about one of them. The kids also have to make at least 3 artifacts-things the civilization used when they were still alive. For example, students could make a quipu, a piece of pottery they made, a mask they used, or one of the gods they worshipped. Lastly, children have to make a map of the land the civilization lived on.

M.B. voiced, “I think the project is good [and fun]. I have no favorite part of it.”

“I think the project is fun. My favorite part was making the artifacts,” S.R. noted.

If you like writing, your favorite part of the project might be writing the essay. If you like building, making the artifacts might be your favorite part. If you like drawing, making the map might be your favorite part. If you like speaking, presenting the project might be your favorite part. Everyone has different views of the project!