The New Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Hertwig!

The New Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Hertwig!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–  Let’s talk about Mrs. Hertwig!  She is really nice.

Katie Nyborg, who’s in Mrs. Hertwig’s class says, “Mrs. Hertwig’s favorite color is orange.  She’s so pretty!”

Before she was here, she worked at the Pelham Middle School.

Klea Gjelosha, who’s in Mrs. Hertwig’s class, says, “She is nice and thoughtful.  Also she has curly, short, blond hair.  She has three children, one girl and two boys. The girl is in third grade. One of the boys is in kindergarten. The youngest boy is not even in Pre-K yet.”

Mrs. Hertwig said, “I love teaching.  I also love  to see smiling faces when my students are proud of  their hard work.”

She likes reading, watching movies and playing sports with her kids.  She played lacrosse when she was little, and still plays it now.

I hope that Mrs. Hertwig has a great time at Hutchinson!