5th Graders are Safety Patrol Monitors!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–  The fifth graders that are doing safety patrol really like doing it!

The monitors have to make sure people are following the rules in the halls. If someone is running in the halls, it’s their job to stop them. It’s a chance for them to be responsible.

Alec Paganuzzi says, ” I enjoy it because I’m really into keeping students safe.”

Katie O’Connor said, “I like it, too, but when there is nobody in the halls, I get bored.”

Amber Bly said, “It’s fun because I like helping kids and telling them what’s right.”

Safety Patrol helps students follow the B.E.A.R. rules better (Be safe, Eager to learn, Act Responsibly, Respect Others). They do it to keep kids safe. For them, they think it’s great!