Good Bye Mrs. Salerno!


“Change keeps us teachers growing and learning, just like our students.”-Mrs. Salerno

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– This is the last year for the fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Salerno! As all the Hutch staff and students say good bye to the fifth grade and Mrs. Salerno, all of the middle school staff and students will be saying hello to her! All of Mrs. Salerno’s students are so excited to maybe have her again, or just pass by her in the halls.

The one person most excited to go to the middle school is Mrs. Salerno.  She said, “I love teaching older kids, especially if they were my students I had the year before.  Before I came to Pelham, I was a middle school teacher. But the reason I like teaching older kids is because I like the curriculum of the school.”

Mrs. Salerno is going to miss all of her staff members and friends.  But, like she says in her quote, “I think change is good for teachers.”  She is ready for change!

Some fifth graders are glad to have Mrs. Salerno to go to the middle school, like Dylan Alfalfa, Matthew Prince, and Shannon Holland. Dylan says, “I’m happy Mrs. Salerno is going to the middle school! I really want her again so badly!”

Matthew said, “I’m glad she is coming! I want her again, as well!”

Shannon said, “Yes, I want Mrs. Salerno to come, I want her again.” All of them want her, but will they all get her?

Even those three are happy, some teachers aren’t, like Ms. Soccodato, Mrs. Tarazi, and Mrs. Ruffolo.   Ms. Soccodato said, “I’m upset Mrs. Salerno is leaving. I loved working with her.  She was a good friend, as well as a staff member.”

Mrs. Tarazi said, “I’m unhappy and crazed that Mrs. Salerno is leaving, but still this is a wonderful opportunity for her.   She is smart and is able to learn more, and will become an even better teacher.”

Mrs. Ruffolo said, “I’m going to miss her so much!  I do not want her to leave…she was the best!”

The Hutchinson Elementary School is going to miss Mrs. Salerno, but will always remember her for her good humor, accent, and the way she just made everyone smile. As I say for everybody else, “Good-bye, Mrs. Salerno, WE WILL MISS YOU!”

Mrs. Salerno

Teacher to the fifth grade from: