Mother’s Day is a holiday that has been a tradition  for many of years in America. Mothers love this holiday to spend time with the children and adults in their families.   They also enjoy having a break from doing house cleaning.  This holiday should stay forever!

After interviewing some students and teachers, I learned about what they did on Mother’s Day.

Ava Paolucci from 3R said, “My grandma and I took my mom to see a movie to watch together on Mothers’s Day.”

Ms. Durrant said, “I made dinner for my mom, and my whole family celebrated together.”

Ella Burns in 5Sa said. “I made mom breakfast for my mom.”

In my family, my did, my sisters and I thought of  where should we take my mom to eat lunch. At 12:00 on Mother’s Day, we took my mom to lunch at a restaurant.  Then my dad sent  my sisters and me to our cousin’s house. Finally,  my dad took my mom to eat supper. My mom had the best day ever!