Veterans Day


UNITED STATES– Veterans Day is this week!

Veterans Day is a day to represent veterans. Veterans fight for our freedom. We celebrated on November 12th, 2018.

Did you know that we got our freedom on July 4th? That’s why we got a holiday on that day. But we celebrate the people who fought in wars on November 12th this year.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are going to walk across some streets for a parade. People are going to watch from the sides of the roads. After, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are going to give bags to the veterans.

“I like Veterans Day because I get to give bags to the veterans,” CM comments.

“I like Veterans Day because you get to remember the people who have been in the wars,” MB shares.

“My grandpa is a veteran, so I spend time with him. He tells me stories about the wars he’s been in,” TS added.

On Veterans Day, you celebrate the Army, Marines, and more! They have fought in wars to protect us. They risk their lives to protect their loved ones. That is why some people celebrate Veterans Day.

Have a great Veterans Day!