HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–This month is April, and Easter break is coming up for Hutchinson Elementary School!  Every student is so excited! Easter is a holiday that is filled with candy, chocolate, and of course the Easter Bunny.

I asked some students from Hutchinson Elementary School what they think of Easter.  Julliana Lieggi  from 3R said, “I think Easter is exciting, and the Easter bunny is so generous to all of the kids in this world.”  Another thing Julliana Lieggi enjoys is how the Easter bunny leaves a trail of candy or chocolate for everyone. During my interview with Julliana, she said, “I think Easter is extraordinary because I get to eat candy all day long.”

Another student I interviewed is Ella Burns from 5Sa.  She said, “I like Easter because I get to spend time with my family and friends.” Ella also believes that Easter is where families come together and enjoy each other’s company. Spring is in the air and you can just relax or have fun outside in the sun and enjoy spring.”  I also asked Ella if Easter is her favorite holiday.   She said, “No, but I still like Easter.”

Now, folks, what do you think of Easter and the spring mist in the air?  You can tell me by leaving a comment for me!