“Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse!”


IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE– A new Spider Man movie came out, and it’s called “Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse.”

The main character is named Miles Morales (the new Spider Man!).  In the movie, a lot of different types of Spider people came from different dimensions into New York.  The spider people work together to get back to their own dimensions and shut down the portal.  The portal was created by Kingpin and his other evil associates through a man-made machine.  But if the spider people don’t make it in time, the portal could cause a black hole under the city and destroy everything.  

“My favorite part was when Scorpion said he had a problem with cartoons and Peter Porker said, ‘You got a problem with cartoons,'” JS shared.

ECK exclaimed, “My favorite character is Penni Parker because she’s an anime character, and also she’s cool because she has a robot!”

“From a scale of 1-10, I’d give this movie a 10 because it has adventure and it’s really thrilling,” RJ commented.

In Miles’ boarding school, he met one of the Spider people, Gwen Stacey.  His “mentor” was  Peter B. Parker (a different Spider Man from a different reality.)  The reason why Kingpin made the machine was to bring back his wife and his son (He lost them).  Kingpin thought his loss was because of Spider Man, so he created this machine to bring back his family from a different reality.

If you like Spider Man, this movie is great for you!  If you go, have fun!