Fourth and Fifth Grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus Concert


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Fourth and fifth graders had a winter concert on December 17th and December 18th! The first concert was for the school and the other one was for the parents.

First, the 4th and 5th grade orchestra students performed. Next, there was the 5th grade band. Third, there was the 4th grade chorus. Last, there was the 5th grade chorus. All the songs were very beautiful. Some were peaceful. Others were jolly and happy.

It’s fun to learn an instrument or sing in a chorus. It’s fun to work together. It’s fun to create music. It’s fun to have people clap for you. It makes you happy and proud to be included  in something you have never done before.

“It was fun performing because it’s nice to be singing in a chorus. It feels good,” MB noted.

“It felt amazing to know that we practiced so hard and finally got the round of applause we deserved,” SP expressed.

“It felt embracing and exciting to be in the chorus and band,” RJ answered.

The chorus, orchestra, and band were fun to be in. If you are in fourth or fifth grade and you weren’t in a show, get an instrument and practice!