The Book “Superfudge”

The Book Superfudge

Superfudge is a very funny book by Judy Blume. It’s about a boy named Peter and his little brother, Farley Drexel, but they call him Fudge.

In this book, Peter gets a baby sister named Tamara Roxanne, but they call her Tootsie.  Peter’s family moves to Princeton, New Jersey, and Peter has to leave his best friend, Jimmy Fargo, behind in their home city, New York City.

“My favorite part is when Fudge hid Tootsie and wouldn’t tell where she was,” NP shared.

LB commented, “That was one of my favorite books when I was a kid!”

In the book, Peter’s brother, Fudge and his friend, Daniel, ran away on their bikes, because Peter and his friend went on a picnic and Fudge wanted to go, too.  When  Peter got home, he asked: Where’s Fudge?  His mom told him: At Daniel’s house.  Later  his mother called saying: It’s time for Daniel to come home.  Then they didn’t know where they were!  They went out to find them.

The book Superfudge is very hilarious!

“I like Superfudge because it’s very interesting, and I like how Fudge has mixed emotions,” SP explained.