Common School Problems and How to Fix Them

PELHAM– Not many people know that what goes on at home can affect children’s grades in school. For example, a sibling chanting, “You can’t do it!” will lower somebody’s confidence, therefore not helping the child to do well on a test, which many people get nervous about. There is a way to avoid this; just follow the steps and recommendations from books and psychologists that understand children.

Bailey Katz from class 3R says she has trouble with science. She feels that this problem of hers never goes away, and there is no way for her to handle it. She claims that she thinks she is asking the teacher way too much, and does not think she is smart enough. She feels that if someone asked her a question about science, she would have no answer. When she was asked what she can do to help herself with her problem, she replied that she should listen to what the teacher says. She mentioned that her mom and her teacher, Mrs. Ragosta, and her own mom help her mostly with her science. She said she feels very nervous with science and she needs to practice more often.

Here are some of my recommendations:

If somebody is annoying you, I recommend a stress ball. A stress ball is a squishy, soft ball that you can squeeze as hard as you want. Make sure you bring your stress ball everywhere you go if you are constantly seeing that annoying person. If you are dealing with almost anything else, I recommend our school psychologist, Ms. West. her office is located on the second floor. Walk towards Mrs. Ragosta’s room, 3R, then make a right turn. At the very end of the hall, right near the stairs there is her office.  A parent or guardian can also sign you up for sessions with her once a cycle.